About us

The begginings

The story of Páva begins in 2008, with the opening of the Villa Vitae wellness center and the Pávakert restaurant, both of which functioned, essentially unchanged, for almost ten years. It changed ownership a couple of times, but it always remained a special and unique place, even though it was a bit neglected in the recent years.

New times

In early 2018 a family took over the place and started taking care of it, letting the Páva (peacock) open its wings and reveal its true beauty. The team is full of plans – it won’t be a short road, but the guesthouse has been extended, the huge garden will be beautified and will have new features, the spa has been completely renovated and an innovative restaurant is open for anyone who don’t only want to eat, but prefer a diversity of tastes.

Kitchen adventures

This shorter and simpler name, Páva, marks this new philosophy. The kitchen is in the caring hands of Balázs Hunor and his associates, who respect traditions, as they strive to use local and fresh ingredients, whenever possible. This is then shaped in a way that means more than just food: we want every meal to be a real adventure.

Modern gastronomy in Udvarhely

We want the restaurant to be a foundation not only of our location, but also of the culinary life of town. The gastronomy in Udvarhely is beginning to be more and more varied and exciting – we here, at Páva, would like to offer you a delicious slice of this.

Innovation – in small drops

The basis of our philosophy is respect towards our guests and a bold way of incorporating new things. We never think about not cooking something because “it wouldn’t sell”, but prefer to try well-tried trends, that are barely known here, or even ones that are completely new. Our goal is to introduce many new culinary innovations to our guests in order to develop their gastronomical culture, and to always have something exciting for them.