The restaurant

Intimate setting

Fifteen tables above the town
– we invite you here, to see that the gastronomical palette is just as colorful as a painter’s. We build upon traditions, and have a firm belief that traditional doesn’t mean outdated. Have a taste of diversity at Páva, in an intimate, discrete setting, which can be a great place for a romantic dinner or even a business meeting.

Huge terrace

One of the best things at Páva is our huge terrace: it is really big, so you won’t have to sit in a densely crowded place, even when it’s full, but there’s plenty of space between the large tables, so anyone can have a lunch peacefully on a bright, sunny day. And the view… the view is one-of-a-kind. One of the most beautiful panoramic views in the region is a unique experience not only during the day, as all the lights of the town are great to look at during the evening and the night.

Awarded gastronomy

Our chef is Hunor Balázs, who doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone who is a bit familiar with the Transylvanian gastronomy. He first showed his talents in a couple of restaurants in the area, then was the renowned chef of the cooking show Főnix Konyha. Later, already being the chef at Páva, he teamed up with István Lukács, and the two of them achieved something that unquestionably proves their talent: Hunor won the regional phase of the Arena Bucătarilor cooking competition with ease, and they stood their ground at the national finals as well, proving once and for all that chefs from Szeklerland have their place in the gastronomy of Romania.

Various events

Wine tasting, brandy premiere, a French dinner or an event for couples on Valentine’s Day: any event has its place at Páva if it can make the gastronomical life of town a bit more colorful, or if it provides a great chance to relax for our guests. We had the honor of hosting a wine tasting of Ráspi, one of the most renowned Hungarian winemakers, Benoît Collombe, a French gastronome and Páva was the restaurant of choice for the launch of new Jamy products, a line of exquisite and very high-quality local spirits.